Oral Care

Bad breath is a common problem that affects most of the adult population at some time or the other. The number one cause for this is bacteria. There are many remedies, which help to freshen breath. Read on to learn what you can do to keep bad breath at bay.


Bad breath has several different causes.
1) It can be caused by external factors such as food, alcohol, cigarettes, etc.
2) It is commonly caused by bacterial degradation of proteins and peptides in the oral cavity.
3) It can be caused by certain medical conditions realted to certain disease

The most common cause of bad breath is the formation of certain unpleasant volatile sulphur compounds (VSC) that are formed by action of bacteria found on the teeth, guns and tongue. Infect, the main causative factor is often found to be the bacteria present at the back of the tongue. Sometimes, it is even common to find bad breath in children, caused because of poor tongue cleaning.

Diet also plays an important role. Garlic and onions can add o the problem . Antoerh common reason for bad breath The next table shows at a glance, what can increase and decrease unpleasant mouth odors


» The first step is to ensure that you have no gum problem and that your mouth is clean.
» Brush twice dialy with a good quality toothpaste as this helps to freshen the breath. Use a good quality toothbrush to effectively remove stuck food particles.
» Clean your tongue regularly. The tongue has food debris and bacterial colonies, which cause bad breath. Gentle but effective deep tongue cleaning with the toothbrush is comfortable for almost everyone.
» Keep a check on the food that you eat. Try to cut down your intake of odour causing food items such as Garlic and onions